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Los patios de vecinos en la Sevilla urbana: fiestas y costumbres populares

Rosa María Domínguez Guerra

Communal Patios in urban Seville: Fiestas and Popular Customs


The communal patios and yards (corrales) of tenement housing in Seville, common until recently, gave rise to popular cultural expressions such as May Crosses, songs and dances to a sort of music expressly termed sevillanas, to song and dance in general, and to family parties. Perhaps the most important of these contributions has been the musical form known as las sevillanas corraleras.
Corrales and communal patios have advantages and disadvantages. Among the former are positive elements such as the very different way that private life is lived compared with that in individual houses; here social life unfolds much more fluidly among neighbours who are able to organize fiestas and diversions with the same self-assurance as the city itself. To this day, corrales constitute a system of identification based on a lifestyle, a way of being - in short, on a distinct form of self-expression.

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