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La ruptura entre la música de vanguardia y público en el siglo XX.

María de Arco

The rift between avant garde music and the public in the 20th century


During the romantic period, musical language became decidedly more complicated. Composers broke the rules and introduced exceptions in their language, and in time these ceased to be considered as anomal ies. The balance between tension and distension that was characteristic of the classical style pointed towards tension or tonal instability. All of these developments meant a radical transformation of musical language and the emergence of atonality.
Consequently there was a negative effect on the dialogue with the public, who showed a certain distrust and even antagonism towards the new musical trends, and this attitude has persisted up to the presen t. This article studies the reasons for the rift between 20 th century music and the majority of the public (deficiencies in aural education, an excess of information, ambiguous expressiveness, political influence, etc.), due to the character istics of the new music.

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