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La Música para Órgano de Manuel Castillo

José Enrique Ayarra Jarne

Manuel Castillo’s Organ Music


Amongst his contemporaries, Manuel Castillo was one of the most outstanding compos­ers of works for the organ, treating it both as a solo instrument as well as integrating it into other instrumental groupings.
José Enrique Ayarra was a witness to and protagonist of much of this creation, introduc­ing Castillo’s pieces to the public for the first time (many of which were dedicated to this  organist) and encouraging him to compose a good number of them.
Manuel Castillo sought inspiration in the Andalusian musical tradition, in the polyphony  of Francesco Guerrero and the organ works of Francisco Correa de Aranxo and Manuel  de Falla, but he also used a contemporary language in which his own style and personality  are apparent. This article examines the organ music of Manuel Castillo, with interesting facts regarding its sources of inspiration, premier performances and analyses of the music  (A.E.)

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