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La Danza más antigua del Mundo: el origen de la “Danza del Vientre”

Omeima Sheik Eldin

The Oldest Dance in the World: The origins of 'Belly Dancing


The origins of belly dancing lie in the ancient fertility dances widespread in the civiliza­tions of Mesopotamia, Egypt and India. Over time, these dances, enriched by multiple influences en route, spread throughout the world until they reached the cultures of an­cient Greece and Rome.
Despite its remote origins, the influence of this art form can even be perceived in fla­menco dance today, which arrived in Spain with lower-caste peoples migrating out of northern India, known today as Gypsies.
It was in Egypt that belly dancing achieved its greatest splendour and development, and where it took the form known today.
Socially, it has been considered a “dark” form of dance associated with prostitution. Nonetheless (or indeed perhaps because of this association), it has enjoyed enormous popularity.
Paradoxically, due to the rise of religious fundamentalism, ever more extended through­out the Arab-Muslim world, this millenarian art form has now taken refuge in the West. Perhaps it will grow and develop here and, in a more liberal age, someday return to the place of its former splendour to enjoy a new flowering.

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