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La Asociación de Mujeres en la Música, en perspectiva

María Luisa Ozaita Marqués

Perspectives on La Asociación de Mujeres en la Música


In this article, the President and founder of La Asociación de Mujeres en la Música (“The  Association of Women in Music”) describes some of the vicissitudes in the development  of this association over the twenty-one years since its inception. Ozaita explains how, in  the beginning, it was almost an act of science fiction to imagine that this sort of associa­ tion might work; indeed, were it not for their determination and for their having had  musician friends willing to collaborate, the project never could have survived so long. 
Important milestones over the years include, in 1990, the first meetings of women compos­ ers from Madrid; El Octavo Congreso Internacional de Mujeres en la Música (“Eighth Inter­ national Congress of Women in Music”) celebrated in Bilbao in 1992; and the Festival de  Mujeres en la Música de Getxo (“The Getxo Festival of Women in Music”), which began in  1998 and is now in its fifth season with a growing number of participants each year. 
At last in this year 2006, the Association has launched the Elena Romero Symphony  Orchestra. It is hoped that this, too, will prosper as its mission is to disseminate the sym­ phonic pieces of many female composers, little known today, whose talents match those  of the composers of Elena Romero’s era.

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