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Flamenco y Música andalusí

Juan Miguel Giménez Miranda

Flamenco and Andalusí Music


Flamenco music is a product of the cultural interactions of the diverse peoples who have passed through Spain over many centuries. All these civilizations contributed unique ele­ments that have enriched Andalusian music, song and dance. Andalusian popular music was nourished in turn by the artistic rites of the Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Mor­iscos and Christians. The first distinctive nuances of what might be considered pre-fla-menco music derive from these. Although many of their characteristic features originated in or at least were inspired by earlier cultures such as the Greeks and Romans, the musical
traditions of the Arabs and Moriscos (Andalusi\ Arabigo-Andalusi and Hispano-Muslim music) were particularly influential in the evolution of flamenco music.
We customarily associate flamenco music with the Gypsies. Indeed the connections be­tween flamenco and gypsy music are beyond question. During the Middle Ages, Gypsies lived in conditions of extreme misery and poverty. Along with other marginalised groups like the Moriscos, they occupied the lowest social rung and their customs and beliefs were held in contempt. Gypsies and Moriscos lived together and interchanged forms, customs, ways of life and experience, and they expressed these through dance and song; hence the possible similarities between Arab melodies and certain manifestations of flamenco song and dance.

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