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Escenas imaginadas

Alfredo Aracil

Imagined Scenes


Alfredo Aracil unites with his musical creations, considerable activity in the field of cultural promotion. For eight years, from 1994 to 2001, as Director of the Festival de Internacional Música y Danza de Granada, he developed a series of programs that, among other ends, strove to create a special synthesis between works of art and the setting (the place, the light, the natural scenography) in which they were produced. The Plaza de las Pasiegas, in front of the Cathedral, was the scenario chosen to present an innovative scenic version of Manuel de Falla’s Atlántida by La Fura dels Baus; the Generalife Gardens were the site of several representations of Mozart’s Magic Flute performed by Comediants; and, in another case, the Palace of Charles V became the frame for an overwhelming production of Stravinsky’s Oedipus Rex under the hand of Frederic Amat.
Space, again, assumes a singular dimension, unconventional, in some of the musical compositions of Aracil, not only in his operas and dramatic pieces, where no real place is ever concretized in three dimensions, but also in some purely instrumental pieces where geometry plays an important role. These are always mental scenarios, spaces of memory, of knowledge or of the imagination. In this article, a review of some of the landmarks of Aracil’s period at the helm of the Festival of Music and Dance is combined with reflections on those of his compositions in which the scene plays an especially salient part -- fictions in real settings, in the first instance, and fictional spaces (or at least never real), in the second.

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