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Apunte de Francisco Guerrero en la Granada de los 60.

Rafael Guillen

A side note on Francisco Guerrero in the Granada of the 1970s


When I recall Francisco Guerrero, a friend in spite of the difference in our ages, I am taken back to the seventies and to that concert, one of his first, which he gave in Granada together with other young musicians. It was held on a cramped lower- ground floor, with a painting exhibition on the floor above, and there was only a small audience, among whom I remember seeing the cartoonist Paco Martínmorales and the writer José G. Ladrón de Guevara.
His maestro Juan Alfonso García, a composer and friend of our generation, had already introduced us into the world of contemporary music, but even so we were surprised by his compositions which were both youthful and yet mature; such was their effect that some astonished ladies who were stalwart defenders of provincial tastes of the times, fled petrified.
That slim young gentleman, apparently shy and always sociable, was full of vitality and incredible creative potential; we would meet him with his girlfriend Beatriz, folder under his arm, enviously young, in the streets of Granada. He also sometimes came to the gatherings and meetings in my studio in the Avenue of Cervantes, frequented by writers, painters, musicians, journalists, etc. It may well be that he coincided there with people other than Granadines, with people from other towns and countries, like José Angel Valente, Joaquín Sabina, Antonio Requeni, Dina Roth and many others.
When the Malaga magazine Litoral was preparing its 85-86-87 monographic edition dedicated to me in 1979, he was asked for a contribution. He showed his generous friendship by contributing a short score for percussion, divided into four parts and which he said was based on my book El gesto (The Gesture); I have kept this score, called “Un poème batteur”, written in his own handwriting. In this magazine the part dedicated to me was published in French, while the other three were in Spanish, English and German. I am unaware whether the whole work has been published or played, as very possibly the composer did not keep a copy.
This brief note can contribute little to his work and his personality that are so well and accurately appreciated, but at least it adds a detail that may be unknown regarding his youth in Granada.

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