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Alberti en el teatro de las vanguardias: vida y fortuna de la Pájara Pinta

Eladio Mateos
Ismael Ramos

Alberti in Avant-garde Theatre: the Life and Luck of La pájara pinta The Game of Forfeits


In the first decades of the twentieth century, diverse literary figures (Tomás Borrás, Federico García Lorca, José Bergamín, Mauricio Bacarisse) and composers (Manuel de Falla, Salvador Bacarisse, Julián Bautista, Gustavo Durán) found in the musical stage an important point of departure for the renewal of theatre and music in Spain. Rafael Alberti was one of the chief supporters of this artistic reform movement which accorded with the most advanced European trends, although his contributions have been little considered and even deprecated by literary critics. This article traces the trajectory of the first of Alberti’s works to fall within this current of reform, La pájara pinta, which the author wrote in 1926 so that it might be put to music by Óscar Esplá. As his collaboration with this musician was frustrated, the article focuses on the second musical version of the theatrical piece (for which Alberti relied on the collaboration of the musician Federico Elizalde), which premiered in Paris and Seville in 1932 and later disappeared from the annals of literary and musical history for seventy years. After a brief introduction situating Alberti’s work and musical theatre within the scenic context of his era, the article centers on three aspects of La pájara pinta: the musical writing of Elizalde and historical interpretations of the piece; the literary restitution of the text within Alberti’s opus and the musical recuperation of the score lost and found in 2002; and finally, the process of scenic and musical reconstruction of La pájara pintada as realized in its modern premier of 17 November 2004 at the Festival de Música Española de Cádiz.


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