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Paul D. Naish

 Paul D. Naish is a historian of the early American republic who teaches history and social sciences at CUNY’s Guttman Community College. After a career as Managing Director at Inside Broadway, an arts education program that makes theater tickets available to public schools to recognize student achievement and sends actors, directors, musicians, and artists into classrooms to teach, Paul became a full­time doctoral student at CUNY’s Graduate Center. He completed his 2011 dissertation, “Safe Distance: U.S. Slavery, Latin America, and American Culture, 1826­1861,” under the supervision of James Oakes. The project
was awarded the 2012 Zuckerman Prize by the McNeil Center of Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. A manuscript based on the dissertation is under contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press. Paul serves on Guttman’s Civic Learning, Engagement & Social Responsibility GLO (Guttman Learning Outcome) Team.

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