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Alan Jones

 Alan Jones is an American dancer and historian based in Paris. Primarily devoted to eighteenth­century French dance, he eagerly returns to the Spanish repertory when the occasion arises. He toured widely with José Greco and the Boston Flamenco Ballet in the 1980s and later performed in Mexico and Spain with the chamber ensemble Euterpe. His choreography includes Venid, venid deidades (Ex Machina in Minneapolis, Austin, Boston), El Sarao de Venus (New York Baroque Dance Company) and El Baile de los Reyes (Artek, New York). Currently exploring links between music, dance and the culinary arts, Alan Jones is the author of the Dictionnaire du désir de la bonne chère (Champion, 2012). He returned to the US in August 2015 to teach on this theme at the Santa Barbara Historical Dance Workshop. Contact: lefestinjoyeux@gmail.com.

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