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Unas músicas del imposible probable

Llorenç Barbert

Some Music of the probable impossible


This musician, considered a son of Cage, Fluxus and the most Conceptual Minimalism, exists in perpetual motion. He is as likely to put together a “Naumaquia” in the Pacific as musics for a multitude of bands in constant movement (not for nothing is he a son of that Baroque Valencia where even thunder is music and fiesta), as he is to provide or to treat entire cities as exploding orchestras, populated by bell-ringing sonic nests. At the same time he never ceases to cultivate the most minimal, resonant musics; thus armed with a “portable belfry” he pledges himself both to ring corners, caves, or cloisters and to give hazardous concerts in which he forces the public to endure gushing harmonies on pendular trips and in subtle Doppler Effect that descend over their astonished flying bald spots; or, to take it much further, he commits some “from sun to sun,” in other words some wild nocturnal concerts (“my ration of Eternity,” he says) that last as long as a night of autumnal bellows and lowing. So much effort, in the limits of that fertile country that is listening, he cannot remain in ebullience but rather subsists on a constant reflection regarding the primary questions: what is music? and what do we call a concert, composer, composition, author, work of art, art, etc.? Here is a set of notes, impromptu, leaves as if from an album of notes that never end.

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