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Un cuaderno de aficionado inédito del siglo XVIII

Alfredo Vicent

The unpublished notebook of an enthusiast dated at the end of the 18th century. The study and interpretation of its contents.


This article brings to light an unpublished article of eighty-two manuscript pages of music: an enthusiast’s notebook for the guitar, dated at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. The main value of this notebook, in comparison with other ones of similar characteristics, is its series of unpublished pieces by the author, Fernando Ferandiere, under the following name: Capriccios, Preludes, Fantasias or Modulations, Tone formation / major or minor, following the order of the musical signs, / explanation of the names according to the Italian, French and Spanish method, / Guitar work written by Fernando Ferandiere in Cadiz, / in 1790.
The explanation of the Tones, the relevant scales, postures, exits, movements and preludes that are given in this document provide us with valuable information which enriches our knowledge and comprehension regarding the establishment of tonality. But the language has such nomenclature that it often seems archaic, and its formulation is explained in the constant reaffirmation of the major and the minor tone, which are in short the two realities that separate us from the modal field. On the other hand, the musical and didactic training that shows the different tones, in turn reveals an interesting way of practising guidelines for improvisation. Together with these demonstrations of the tones there is also a considerable number of popular musical pieces whose symbolic value of a period and discernment gives us a better comprehension of the reality of the middle class practice which is manifest in their love of the guitar.

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