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Manuel Castillo y la intervención del Compositor Clásico en el cine

María de Arco

Manuel Castillo and the Contribution of Classical Music Composers to the Cinema


From the beginnings of the film industry, the participation of classical music composers  has often been conditioned by economic factors. Compounding these are the prejudices  that have led certain composers to relegate music for the cinema to an artistic and social status inferior to that of autonomous music. For those composers willing to explore this branch of music, the demands of film directors and producers pose obvious further limi­ tations; such that, in the end, there are few academic composers inclined to collaborate with the cinema.
Manuel Castillo ventured into cinematic terrain but once (Alegre juventud, Mariano Ozores, 1962), but this was a lucid professional effort that stands in contrast to the usual  contributions of classical music composers to the film industry, in that Castillo created an experimental work in perfect harmony with the images and script of the film. The present article analyses the soundtrack of the film Alegre juventud.

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