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Manuel Castillo, la creación desde la Biografía

Tomás Marco

Manuel Castillo, Creativity from a Biographical Perspective


This article examines the relationship between the life and the musical oeuvre of Manuel Castillo, independent yet periodically intertwined. Marco analyses the impact that Cas­tillo’s profession as an accomplished pianist, with an extensive career, had on his life as a composer. He also highlights the influence of Castillo’s teachers and the special relevance to creativity of a late religious vocation and its eventual renunciation.
His wide-ranging teaching efforts as professor and director of a musical conservatory also  directly affected Castillo’s preoccupations and creations as a composer. Equally impor­tant were his profound conception of what it meant to be Andalusian and Sevillian; his personal choice to remain in Seville rather than embark on an international career; his relations with Andalusian institutions, not always idyllic; and his quest for an essential Andalusia that transcended local and folkloric expressions.
The generation to which Castillo belonged also significantly influenced his music and played a vital part in its promulgation, further demonstrating the connections between numerous elements of Castillo’s biography and his contributions to general musical thought and its expression in musical form.

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