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Manuel Castillo: balance provisional de una obra

Juan Luís Pérez

Manuel Castillo: A Provisional Inventory of a Life's Work


At his death, Manuel Castillo left an important but little known oeuvre. Due to the  health problems from which he suffered in his last ten years, the composer was unable  to see to the dissemination of his works so that today, it is difficult to find even his  best known compositions (which generally circulate as photocopies). Thus, Castillo’s  descendants asked the author of this article to review his work and see what state it was  in. This (relatively superficial) overview now enables us to provide a general evaluation of  the Maestro’s legacy, as well as to identify certain key points for an expanded catalogue of  his work. The author also states his opinion on the importance of Manuel Castillo in the  history of contemporary Andalusian music and suggests that we reconsider a few clichéd  assumptions that, in certain circles, are still thought to define his style.

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Páginas: 157 - 170

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