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La música orquestal del maestro Castillo: aproximaciones al sinfonísmo del compositor sevillano

Claudio Prieto

The Orchestral Music of Maestro Castillo: approaches to the Symphonic Works of the Sevillian Composer


This article pays homage to Manuel Castillo, highlighting his artistic as well as his personal qualities.
His numerous compositions, largely dedicated to the piano and not all published, evidence the distinct evolutionary phases of his life, both professionally and emotionally. This article is centred on the study of Maestro Castillo’s works for orchestra from a vantage point that is more perceptive than analytic, one that consistently seeks to take into account Castillo’s “Andalusian” way of understanding music.
It emphasizes personal features of Manuel Castillo’s life, his capacity for friendship and his relations with students, the fruit of his extensive teaching career.

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