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La Fotografía flamenca

Carlos Arbelos

Flamenco Photography


“Flamenco Photography” is a two-part article written by the journalist and photographer Carlos Arbelos. Part I, entitled “The Historical Divide,” is followed by an “Homage to the Guitarists.”
The first section explores the historical separation of flamenco photography from other social sciences such as anthropology, ethnography and sociology. It is remarkable that photo portraits of flamenco artists have never been viewed analytically, as a means to understand the art form – a situation due as much to the lack of interest of social scientists as to certain omissions manifested in this respect by flamenco photographers. This section also covers photographers’ interest in exploring shades of black and white in flamenco portraits, and the challenges they face in the publishing industry. Few publishers are interested in their work. In many publications they are not even mentioned as authors, nor is their permission sought for reproduction rights.
Part II is based on the exhibition Duende y Bordón (Muse and Strings) that was organized by the author in conjunction with the Second Festival of Spanish Music (II Festival de Música Española). It covers the history of the guitar itself and that of the most important guitarists in the world of flamenco. The exhibition rendered homage to the tocaores (players) who are usually relegated to second place behind those who sing and dance. In the world of photography and the visual arts, this exhibition was the first to be dedicated exclusively to flamenco guitarists.

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