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La epistemología de la complejidad y el análisis Schenkeriano.

Rosa Iniesta Masmano

Epistemology of the complexity and Schezenkerian analysis. A study of the Tonal System.


We made a theoretical proposal of musical practice based on the contributions of Complex Thought, a proposal integrated as part of everything representing the concept of Complexity. We accept the invitation as independent observers to use the Morinian method in our specific field: music, observing – in the literal sense of the word – how the concept of Complexity becomes apparent in the heart of the production of western music. The Theory of Systems, the new biology and its break from Marxism lead Edgar Morin to reconsider the western way of thinking. The six volumes of The Method are the result of the remodelling of a series of theories which in a dynamic way lead to the need to propose a change of concept substituting the simplifications for complex processes, in an attempt to overcome the methodological and epistemological insufficiencies of science and present-day philosophy for an epistemology that is neither dichotomic nor reductionist. Schenker’s theory of the tonal musical system leads to the Paradigm of Complexity formulated by Edgar Morín, and vice versa. The comprehension of musical organization provides the complex world with an organizing vision of the creative mind and of creation itself, an idea of art that leads to uncertainty through a philosophical study of music.

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