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Herramientas de transcripción automática de partituras musicales de importancia dentro del Patrimonio Documental Andaluz mediante reconocimiento óptico de caracteres musicales.

Isabel Barbancho Pérez
Lorenzo J. Tardón García
Ana Mª Barbancho Pérez
Adalberto Martínez Solaesa

Tools for the Automatic Transcription of Musical Scores of the Andalusian Musical Heritage by means of Optical Music Recognition Techniques


The objective of this work is the development of tools for the automatic transcription of music scores which will be useful for the analysis of both ancient and modern music writing. These tools will help to reduce the time required by a music expert to analyze and edit those scores to make them available to the general public.

Specifically, the musical heritage of Andalusia contains a vast number of music documents that could be made available to the public with the help of automatic transcription tools. Thus, the development of such tools by means of the application of Optical Music Recognition techniques (OMR) is of great interest.

Optical music recognition is a complex process that involves a large number of operations and image processing techniques. Among the main processes that have to be done by an OMR system are the following: identification and removal of staff lines and separation and identification of musical objects. These processes have been considered along the work done paying special attention to the case of ancient scores.

Image processing tools and techniques used through the work have been adapted to our context to recover the contents of the scores and, also, specific algorithms and techniques had to be developed. Additionally, the automatic conversion of ancient written scores to modern notation has been explored.

During the definition and development of the tools we have worked with a number of ancient scores; some of them are unpublished pieces of music. Specifically, the musical piece entitled ‘Psalmi Hymnique per Annum’ by Esteban de Brito dated back to 1635 and property of the Archives of the Cathedral of Málaga has been transcribed; we have also worked, among others, with the unpublished handwritten musical piece entitled ‘Las Siete Palabras’ by an anonymous priest property of the Venerable Orden Tercera de Siervos de María Santísima de los Dolores, located at the church of San Felipe Neri in Málaga.

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