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Guerrero en la intimidad.

Catalina Guerrero Marín

An intimate sketch of Guerrer


Sadly, ten years have gone by since Francisco Guerrero left us, and we must admit that we are still overwhelmed by this loss. Although my contribution regarding personal aspects of his life may be brief, I would like to add some descriptions that are both concise and profound, intense and vibrant, about what Paco was like. After all, he appeared to be like this, and I would not like to betray his memory by going into nuances, experiences or secrets that would offer nothing of importance now, and which would only provide aspects unrelated to his work, to its creation.
There are other more qualified people than myself who can speak about his work and his genius, but as far as I am concerned, I feel the particular satisfaction of having known very intimately and on an intellectual level, a very superior person who had to live on a very ordinary day-today basis, although his mind was on a much higher, universal level.
However, sometimes that lack of everyday-ness and being politically correct had its certain charm. He said he had invented mortgages because the formula proposed for buying a house coincided with what was later used by the banks, or so he said. He never took his driving test, in spite of being an inveterate traveller. Why not? According to him, ‘those worries don’t fit in with my activities’. The day when the French Embassy in Spain called on him to offer him French nationality he went down to the printers below his house and using the closest link with his birthplace, Linares, he ordered the following visiting card, in the purest of bull-fighting terms:

                                                       PAQUITO GUERRERO
                                                          “Niño de Linares”
                                                       Picador y banderillero

This was Paco, who also said that he would have been proud to have been the composer of “Suspiros de España” (Sighs of Spain). So I would like to end my brief but intense contribution with ....to you, maestro.

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