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Francisco Guerrero: Binomio, música y matemáticas

Inmaculada Ferro

Francisco Guerrero (1951-1997): music and science.


Francisco Guerrero is a composer whose international importance has developed since the time of his first pieces and is now almost universal. His work is closely linked to mathematics, with reference to statistics, combinatorial and fractual analysis. His complex search for a new resonant and formal universe form an innovative musical language that is both difficult and passionate, and it transmits while it also astonishes the world. Luis de Pablo, Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nono, Tomás Marco and Xenaquis were friends and at the same time a point of reference for him, whereas J.S. Bach was his passion. His work has a place of its own, and his teaching has created worthy followers who are well recognised. His work is now included in the programmes of the main auditoriums, and is played, conducted and appreciated by the most prominent musicians on the present scene of contemporary music.

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