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Fernando Valderrama Martínez: vinculación con Tetuán a través de la Música

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Femando Valderrama Martínez: Links with Tetuan Through Music


This article describes Dr. Valderrama Martinez’s contributions in the fields of education  and culture, as well as his researches on music in the city of Tetuan, Morocco, in the  1930s-60s. O f his various publications on this subject, Historia de la Acción Cultural  de España en Marruecos (1912-1956) is central. This includes an extensive chapter (no. XVI) structured around the distinct phases of the creation and development of the Music  Conservatory of Tetuan where we discover, among other things, the connections between  this conservatory and a precursor of that in Cadiz, known at the time as the Real Academia  Provincial de Música y Declamación de Santa Cecilia de Cádiz (25-2-1926). 
The wealth of information in this chapter reveals the challenges that attended the launch­ ing of the Conservatory of Tetuan as well as the Spanish contribution at the faculty level  in the organisation of teaching and preparation of students. As Professor Valderrama  explains, thanks to the initial creation of two sections dedicated to the teaching of a)  Spanish Music and b) Arab Music (Oriental and Andalusi), to this day Moroccan profes­ sors at the Conservatory of Tetuan are still teaching Classical Western Music along with 
both sorts of Arab Music.

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