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En el viaje de Simorgh

José Mª Sanchéz Verdú

On the Voyage to Simorgh. Notes on Mysticism, Eroticism, and Ecstasy in Connection with my Compositions Qasid 7 (Book of the Songs) and The Rose and the Nightingale


This article, which appears here for the first time in Spanish, is a revised update of one originally published in German in the book, Le Sacre. Musik – Ritus – Religiosität (Hinrich Bergmeier, Pfau, Saarbrücken, 2001, pp. 101-108). It was written in conjunction with the Biennale für Neue Musik of Hannover, at which the specially- commissioned Qasid 7 (book of Songs), a piece for soprano and seven instrumentalists, was first performed. Both this piece and this article concerning it were written by the composer José Maria Sánchez-Verdú.
It is fascinating that many cultures find similarities between the mystical and the erotic, with parallels drawn between the expression of union with God and sexual union. The denial of the senses, of the purely physical, and the search for ecstasy are characteristic of certain types of mysticism as expressions of ascetic spirituality. In mystical-erotic rites, where frontiers are not always fixed and indeed ambiguity is desirable, music, with song, rhythm and dance, is one of the possible vehicles to the fullness of mystical union, to the ecstasy of union with the beloved, between the soul that seeks “in a dark night” and God.
Certain aspects of mystical manifestations in the Islamic (Sufi), Persian and Hindu worlds have played an especially important part in expressive forms such as rites and ceremonies that exist to this day. Similar elements, derived from some of these earlier traditions like the great Sufi poets, surface in the poetry of the Christian mystics St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Jesus. Sánchez-Verdú’s aim in this article is to highlight connections between this series of communicating vessels and elements that endow poetic and musical material with certain characteristics, and several of the materials and themes that stand out in some of his own musical works.

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