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El piano de Manuel Castillo: transparencia y versatilidad

Julio García Casas

The Piano Compositions of Manuel Castillo: Transparency and Versatility


The author provides a musical analysis of the most relevant piano works of Manuel Cas­ tillo, highlighting this composer’s personality from a musical perspective as well as the  influences that shaped his music throughout his lifetime. These include reference points  such as Castillo’s teachers, his Andalusian roots and most especially, his passion for the  piano, from which he extracted its full expressive potential.
While his artistic evolution is patent, behind it lie Castillo’s first compositions, inspired  by Andalusian folk traditions, especially those of Seville. Gradually this stage paved the  way for his free imagination, revealing an excellent equilibrium between what he ex­ pressed and what he sought to express in music. 
Manuel Castillo’s friendship with the author of this article confers on the latter a uniquely direct perspective for the analysis of Castillo’s piano works, for Julio Garcia Casas wit­  nessed and was privy to Manuel Castillo’s own commentary during the gestation of these  works (A.E).

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