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El periodo zaj de Ramón Barce

Rosa Mª Rodríguez Hernández

Ramón Barce’s time with the Zaj Group


Ramón Barce spent only a short period, of barely two years, with the Zaj Group, if we take into consideration the fact that the Group was active from 1964 to 1995. The influence of Fluxus on Zaj is one of the most outstanding aspects when we are studying Zaj. Therefore it seems to be of interest to establish the relationships of Barce’s work during this period (1964 – 1966): Traslaciones, Estudio de impulsos, Abgrund, Hintergrund, Leyenda china y Coral hablado, based on the twelve criteria established first by Dick Higgins and later by Ken Friedman for the Fluxus project: globalism, unity of art and life, “intermedia”, experimentalism and research orientation, chance, entertainment quality, straightforwardness and moderation, implication, exemplary nature, specificity, presence in time and musicality.

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