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El futuro de la Música – Mujeres en la Música. La creación y el apoyo de una Red Global. Mujeres y mercado Musical. Las mejores piezas del genero dominante y su autorización.

Patricia Adkins Chiti

The Future of Music - Women in Music. Global networking and advocacy. Best practices for gender mainstreaming and empowerment


Women as creators and composers of music are absent from encyclopaedias, not  mentioned in textbooks and are rarely encountered in school curricula. Women’s music  is a tangible and intangible part of world heritage and making it known is the mission of  Women in Music. Today, women constitute 55% of the world’s population and one of the  major challenges is to ensure that they gain equal opportunities of access, advancement  and recognition in the cultural sphere. Music composed and created by women is  found in all times and genres: classical, contemporary, electronic, pop, commercial,  jazz, multimedia, fusion, techno, rock, hip hop, traditional forms, folk music, Arab and  Asian classical music, music for education, film and television, for theatre, ballet, for  religious ceremonies. European composers do not earn a living generated only from  musical compositions and performing rights; in many countries music-generated income  is well below national poverty levels. Few countries give creativity sabbaticals, stipends,  worthwhile commissions, guaranteed number of performances of new works, finance for  research, recording, promotion and production. Recent surveys underline that only 85  classical music European composers live through commissions and Performing Rights  — of these 2 women: Sofia Gubaidulina and Kaija Saarihao. 
Networking can help to change a composer’s life and means “reaching out, giving  information and tools that another can use”, “sharing expertise”, “giving sound to  unheard voices”, “creation of common goals and aims”. Networking can ultimately  secure the participation of women in key platforms and publications by encouraging the  enlargement of existing directories or encyclopaedias, to include information on female  pioneers and emerging composers not in mainstream festivals, programming lists or in  libraries of National Music Library Archives.
The message is “alone you can do only so much, reaching out and exchanging ideas with  others, gives you greater proficiency and strength”. By working with others on a global  basis, you can actually help to change the world.

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