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Since Madrid recognised his music, his compositions have been heard the world over, but it was in Granada where we really appreciated his music and his formative years.
The most important quality in the work of Francisco Guerrero is that his music is pure science, whose equations are the outcome of the constant search for beauty in sound. This is a virtue possessed exclusively by a genius.
Paco Guerrero was an observer of human reactions and enjoyed provoking the most unexpected sensations among his public, so no one was indifferent to his music. When you hear it, you realise that you cannot reject it, you have to listen to his music over and over again to extract the whole meaning that Guerrero intended.
Nothing in the music of Paco Guerrero was left to chance. In spite of his short life, the amount of music he produced was hardly insignificant, but what is even more surprising is that he should have been successful without any kind of repetition. Each composition by Paco Guerrero is a world in itself, with no relation to the previous or following work, and that is a gift that is only given to those who reach fame.

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