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Aproximación a un catálogo definitivo de la obra de Francisco Guerrero (1951-1997).

Susana Cermeño

Project for a definitive catalogue of the work of Francisco Guerrero (1951-1997)


It was incomprehensible that a catalogue of the works of Francisco Guerrero (1951-1997) had still not been published.
So when Reynaldo Fernández Manzano asked me to write something about my husband, we both considered that this was the moment to rectify this omission. I had all the material at hand (and in my mind), as well as all the available sources to set about the task, and I launched forth into the job enthusiastically.
It was not an easy assignment, and the lack of time made it even more difficult. Therefore this is only a first approximation towards a final catalogue, and it is inevitably incomplete. I do not intend this to be “Work in Progress”, but there are specific facets of Guerrero’s work, such as his incidental music (for cinema or theatre), or his transcriptions, adaptations or arrangements, that form part of my present work in order to make this a complete and comprehensive inventory.
It is presented under the following chapters:
     1. Work for orchestra
     2. Work for choir
     3. Work for solo instruments
     4. Chamber work
     5. Electronic works
Within each chapter it has been considered preferable to set out the works in alphabetical order. At the end there is a chronological index in order to locate them more easily.

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