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Alfredo Aracil: estética de la memoria

Rosa Mª Rodríguez Hernández

Alfredo Aracil: sthetic of the memory


Memory permits us to situate the human being in his own vital flow. It temporarily situates us in the past, present and future, it separates us from the absolute, nothing is fixed, things are as we choose to interpret and transform them, they live in plural times and spaces. After his revelation of memory, Alfredo Aracil shows fragments of himself, of his era, of another time, dedicating special attention to the magnitude of Memory. He intensifies the ruins of the past; he explores and concedes new expressions on the path towards the Now. Memory can be analytic and rational, but also poetic; both are complementary, not exclusive. Art principally partakes of this second category, with poetic memory intervening in a most critical fashion in the rupture of the limits of History. In reality the past that is recovered is not history; they are past experiences, instincts, motivations, a return once again detached from the laws of its time. Accordingly, we see in the work of Alfredo Aracil the oscillating practice of styles, its constant transposition to borders and frontiers.

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Páginas: 97 - 131

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