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Alhijaz sort in the Iraki Makam

Hamid Al-Basri


This paper contains a research based on a musical analysis of the Makam. It is divided in three parts:
1. What is the Makam in Irak and its history. That is the traditional improvisal singing with special restriction in the melodical expression and sort of lyrical verses. Its beginning history is unknown.
2. Musical analysis for the Makam. It describes its six parts: (Al-tahreer) (Al-jelsa) (Al-mayana) (Al-karar) (Al- awsal) (Al-tasleem).
3. Al-hijaz sort and its kinds. There are 14 kinds (1) Al-hijazdiwan. (2) Al-huwaizawi. (3) Al-madmi. (4) Al- hamayoon. (5) Al-hijazgharib. (6) Al-araiboonajem. (7) Al-madmi. (8) Al-mathnewi. (9) Al-hijazkar. (10) Al- hijazaachigh. (11) Al-hijazshaitani. (12) Al-jammal. (13) Bayatalajem. (14) Al-ushaish.
The melody color of each kind depends on the beginning, ascending and descending transfer, the pause on some tones, and the end of the singing. That gives a special melodical color to each kind.
This research is basically based on the musical analysis of many recordings of the most famous Makam singers in Irak.

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