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Rahabari, Alexander ( Tehran, Iran, )

Rahabari, Alexander

Born in Tehran - Iran, Alexander (Ali) Rahbari was trained in Vienna as a pupil of Gottfried von Einem, Hans Swarowsky and Karl Österreicher. On his return to Iran, only 24 years old, he was appointed director of the Teheran Conservatory of Music and took a leading position in the cultural development of his country.

In 2003 Alexander Rahbari obtained the Reward of Honour from the City of Malaga for Outstanding Artistic Achievements. The tour in Germany with the Malaga Symphony Orchestra in 2004 through Munich, Friedrichshafen, Düsseldorf, Regensburg, Köln, Braunschweig, etc. was a complete success resulting in standing ovations and excellent reviews in the media.

In 2005, Maestro Rahbari was invited to Iran as the Permanent Conductor of Tehran Symphony Orchestra. His return and performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, after thirty years in the country, become the biggest music event of the past three decades.

Married to a violinist from Croatia, Alexander Rahbari is father of five children. Something of a new Renaissance man, he is a passionate artist and has painted portraits of several international music personalities. He is also the avid designer of his charming home outside of Vienna.

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